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St John Ambulance nurses buckle and belt unused.

A good original late 19th century 'St John Ambulance Nurses Buckle and Belt'; large adjustable black petersham elasticated belt bearing chromium plated buckle, the reverse impressed "Manhattan Windsor B'ham Reg At St John Gate London". Unused condition.
Length 81cm. with a further 14mm. adjustment to make larger or slide to make smaller.

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1932 Silver Service Medal of the Order of St John.

A good original full sized 'Service Medal of the Order of St John', 2nd pattern silver issue with straight suspension; the rim inscribed "11052 Pte.J.Adams. Netherton Div.No.3 Dis.S.J.A.B.1932." Very good condition, complete with original silk ribbon.
Diameter 38mm.

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British Railway St John Ambulance 15 years service 1966 silver medal

A good original 'British Railway & St John Ambulance Association 15 Years First Aid and Efficiency Service medal', the reverse impressed with Birmingham silver hallmarks for 1966, maker's details "JT&Co" (John Taylor & Co London) and inscribed "WR 1697 1966 Harold Povey". Excellent condition, complete with silver suspension ring and contained in its original card presentation box with corresponding maker's details to the lid.
Diameter 34mm.

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1954 St Andrew's Ambulance Corps 50th anniversary medal.

A scarce original 1954 full size unnamed as issued 'St. Andrew's Ambulance Corps 50th Anniversary medal'; silvered example the obverse depicting 'St. Andrew and his cross' within title surround, the reverse inscribed in relief "Corps Jubilee" "Review By H.R.H. Duke of Edinburgh Glasgow 13th Oct. 1954". Very good condition, complete with original silk ribbon and suspension bar with pin fitting, minor service wear.
Diameter 36mm.

'St Andrew's Ambulance Corps' was formed in 1904.

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Southern Railway St John Ambulance 7 years service medal

A scarce original circa 1946 full size issue 'Southern Railway 7 Years First Aid Efficiency bronze medal', the reverse inscribed "Ronald Hodges 1946. Very good clean condition, complete with original black and white stripped silk ribbon and suspension bar with pin fittings
Diameter 35mm.
Height approx 90mm.

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The St. John Ambulance Association Great Western Railway Centre Badge.

A good original circa 1940's nickel badge; circular example surmounted by the 'London, Midland and Scottish Railway' heraldic company crest, a wing on torse bearing cross, the centre depicting the St. John Ambulance Maltese Cross logo with title surround "The St. John Ambulance Association Great Western Railway Centre", the reverse with maker's details "Fattorini & Sons Bradford". Very good condition, retaining original pin fittings, minimal service wear.
Height 35mm.

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